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Boss Consulting

Digital Advertising & Marketing

Unlike Our Competitors

We take great pride as an American Marketing & Advertising Company for over 35 Years.

For various reasons, all of our competitors outsource most of their SEO, Social Media and Designers overseas. 

We believe in the American worker… 

We have a unique responsibility to help restore faith in the American economy…

Boss Consulting

The Boss Consulting Team designs digital marketing programs custom-fit to the needs of specific clients, intended to keep them motivated and excited about achieving their dreams. They specializes in Small Business, SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, Video Marketing, Reputation Marketing and much more.

For Bruce, marketing is not a job; it is his passion. He enjoys what he does and believes that his clients’ success is his also. He is interested in helping clients who are equally passionate and committed to achieving their business goals whether they are already performing well or they need to reach their next level. 


Your customers see thousands of websites every day. You need to stand out from the crowd and brings them to your door.

Digital Marketing

Your marketing campaign is the home of your online presence. Our advertising method keeps users coming back for more.


We are with you all the way, in person, by phone, email, messenger and video chat. Our support is top notch.