Reality Knife Attacks

If you’re ever confronted by someone with a blade do you have the option to run away?

Reality Knife Attacks – The process is tricky but with the right thinking you can maneuver away from someone with a blade, first it’s the mindset Bruce Drago Reality Knife Attackseliminate the fear and second, you must have quicker reflexes than them. Even if you are educated to defend against blade attacks, if you mind creates the fear then you already lose.

If you do find yourself in this scenario after that the most important thing is quick to understand your surroundings. If you get caught against a wall, know your next move to relocate, meaning, utilize your environments against your opponent.

The next essential aspect when encountering a blade assault is to safeguard your face, neck as well as organs. One stab to any one of these locations could neutralize you, even eliminate you. 

  • the best defense is an attack
  • make them move
  • create fear onto them
  • show them you mean business

The very best option is to dodge if you have plenty of distance. If they are close range an attempt to stab, this is when you need to attack. 

 Maintain a steady mind and strike, remaining focused. If it’s feasible, attempt to attack with explosive punches to the assailant’s face. 


That is why attacking are so crucial. It will damage your opponent, creating fear and compelling them to take off, 

Distance is necessary for two reasons. First of all, it will certainly allow you to research the opponent, read their next action. Secondly, it gets you added time to protect. Although that could not seem like a lot, it can mean the distinction in between life and death.

Distance could also give the chance to see how to strike the opponent. If you can attack them by doing this, you will create them to release the knife, but you have to continue with your attack until its safe to leave the scene.

We recognize this might sound impractical to a lot of you but when it comes to survival it’s the only thing that should be on your mind ATTACK. 

Always remember in any type of strike to protect with a plan and work your method towards retreat or disarming the assailant. If you have no time to train at a center get your Knife Attacks DVD Series Today! 

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