We Are Coming
For You

And You Wont Be Able To Stop Us

Defund The Police - We are coming for you

Protect your Family Because The Police Can’t

This Is All Happening Right Now

If The Police Can't Protect Themselves How Will They Protect You

It’s Time For You To Stand Up For Your Rights

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They Said They Will Be Coming To Your Home

Are You Ready?

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Protect Your Most Important Asset Your Family

Training Program

Family Protection - Training Is Done In your Home Or Business

Below is a short list of what you will be train on.

  • Creating A Plan
  • Testing The Plan
  • Tools On Hand
  • Safe Room
  • Weapons Disarming
  • Weapons To Own
  • Codes
  • Secure the exterior
  • Community Plan
  • Business Protection

You Will Be ATTACKED and We WILL Prepare You When It Happens…

Serving Pa Counties РBerks, Bucks, Chester, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Montgomery, Philadelphia, York